Funeral Celebrant

In recent years I have been asked to perfom funerals for past wedding clients and friends and family. It is one of the greatest honours to be asked to conduct a funeral service. While I am happy to present a funeral in any style or place that a family asks me to I believe that funerals have to be completely personalised. 

I was recently the celebrant for a very close family member. It was possibly the best funural I have ever been to. Every choice made, every word written was done with our loved one in mind. We had the funural at his home in the orchard that he worked hard to create. We played his music from bands that he had played in. Every single story that was told was done so with the hope that it would bring back fond memories for all of our guests. We laughed, often during the ceremony and we also cried when it was time to say good bye. I can look back on it and say confidently that it was perfect. Perfect for everyone, for him, for his friends and family. 

This is what I want to provide to any family that asks me to be the celebrant for their loved one. As a minimum I like to spend time with the family talking about what they want for the ceremony. And, if they are happy I would love to write the ceremony on the spot with them - that way every word is their choice. At a convenient time once the ceremony is written and everyone has had a chance to reflect, I will return to read through the ceremony. Every detail and name checked for accuracy. These things have to be right. 

I charge $500 for a funeral service. And for that you get me working as hard as I can in the few short days that we have to prepare for the celebration your loved one’s life. 

I am available for funerals on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and all weekdays during school holidays. 

If you would like to chat about the possibility of me being the celebrant for a special funeral, please call me on 0428 121 672. If for some reason I don’t answer, please leave me a message and I will call you back. 

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